Sunday, 19 June 2011

1st Day In Paris...

We stepped off the EuroStar and it struck us that we had finally arrived in the beautiful Paris! We left our suitcases at our hotel, The Victor Masse, until we were allowed to check in. So until that time, we decided to explore what the fantastic city had to offer us. Within half an hour, guess where we find ourselves? At the famous Sacre Coeur! We climbed the many steps, soaked up the beaming sun and relaxed upon the stairs, taking it all in. For all of 5 minutes that we were relaxing an ice cream appeared beside Ally's shoulder, we look up to find a charming guy holding it with a cheeky smile. Kindly accepting, we nibble away at our ice cream, next thing we know, we're sat with the ice cream guy and his friend, who then had us eating apples too! 

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